9 Tips Camp NaNoWriMo participant

Join me in my camp here.

Joy of community. Writers go forth. Onward and Upward. God Bless

Are you familiar NaNoWriMo? It is National Novel Writing Month. It is a virtual camp for writers to achieve their goals in creative writing. Having tried to do this camp NaNoWriMo thing for years. Finally, I am a participant yeah for me. In July, the writer can choose their own word count. Well, in any camp you can. Just do not let the stress and getting it perfect get to you anymore. My saying is “better done than perfect”.

Also, when you join you can start your own cabin, or ask for cabin mates. I joined a faith-based cabin.

If I reach the goal, great and if I do not great. I am participating, to me that is all that matters right now.

9 Tips

1. Focus on the goal at hand
2. Break it down into small steps
3. Enjoy the journey
4. Think “Better done than perfect”
5. let your imagination flow
6. Will get better results with peace
7. Even if you only have a minute or two take a rest: Breath, relax and write
8. Let your spirit guide you.
9. I have set my goal modestly. Did what I needed to do because of my situation. It works for me and NaNo.

As I said, I have tried this NaNoWriMo serval times in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Join In

You may be able to still join. If not, a suggestion that you check out NaNoWriMo and bookmark it. Use it for later reference. Also, being a Camp NaNoWriMo participant now and I am feeling pretty good about it. It is with my goals and yes, therefore, no one else’s. My creative juices are flowing. Keeping the faith, Loves sustains us.

To do: For you and me is to give positive feedback. Comments below will help all that read and participate in the chat.

Blessings to you all. Adore comments. Let us chat about our goals.

God love you!!!

Love sustains us. God is love. His Spirit is in us.

God is paradise. We are here to soar in His grace and mercy.


    • yes it is thank you for writing… I am writing a poetry book. Faith in our Lord is the theme. It is a chapbook 🙂 blessings


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