Update Consolidating Blog Site

Welcome friend,

Simplicity makes elegance. Update consolidating blog site. Friend come visit get Newsletter.

Update consolidating sites to put my writing/art to one site I have a blog site RosaryandRedSox.com and this one. This site is more diverse it will have other things that you will loves along my life story and other peoples life stories.

My developer pro blogger friend Merri Dennis at WPTechCafe helps out. Non techy person that I am. Also, with cognitive hooolla going on to. She is a great help.

Update Consolidating Blog Site:

There is a page on this blog called Rosary and Red Sox. I’m not sure when imports going to happen, but right now it links over there. Check it out on the menu bar (at header).


Special treat in the update on consolidating my site I have a newsletter to give out. The treat I have here attached to this post is a newsletter that will be happening I’m not sure if it every other month or every three months on the other site. Please write in the comments below what you like I want to hear from you.

Newsletter Suggestion

One of my readers from the other site  liked the idea of it being a quarterly/seasonal newsletter. How about your thoughts?

Thank you bunches for being with me and stand by me I appreciate.

Yes, this blog site is going to be a love sustains us like the other one. Update blog site on a regular basic. The theme is love/faith.

Blessing to you and yours!

God loves you!!!

Love sustains us. God is love. His Spirit is in us.


Here you go The Treat First Newsletter. I am sure you going to love it. Let me know!

Best to follow this site to get updates. Subscribe now!

See you soon.

Therefore, brothers, be all the more diligent to make your calling and election sure, for if you practice these qualities you will never fall. 2 Peter 1:10

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