Quote Scripture Scripnet #8 Faith

Welcome Friend,

The Scripture today was quoted along with the reflection and ties in together.

All is possible for one who believes

This Scripture made think of reflecting on something that happened to me a several years back. That was a tragedy turning I hope into good. I’ll share that with you.

Faith in God

My story

I was lying in the mist of uncertainty could not move anything extremity on body. Passed out. Doctor came in and told me the worst news I had ever heard for myself. He said, “Donna, you had a stroke”. I thought ” My dear brother died of a cerebral hemorrhage at 35 years old”, so I had fear about that… But, when I laid there not being able to move a thing.  I thought “God I know you have saved me from a bigger fate”. All of a sudden I had a peace about it. From then I knew He would have me get up again.

Here I am now yes I’m talking with you. And, yes there is more work to be done. Since then I have had about 30 strokes and not counting. But, I’m not laying there in that state anymore.

Faith and love sustains me

Time to move forward in faith. Faith and love sustains me. And you too. This what this site is mostly about. We are champions in our challenges. As I say “Challenges Make Champions”. We need to pray and cheer each other on.

Every person can value life. Our lives and others.

My stance is that we have more abilities than disabilities. Instead of thinking what I lack. Counting my blessings has always been a big change in my attitude. A good attitude is a saving grace. Try you may like it. Let me know.

Scripture quotes taken today from NIV

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Dove - signifies Spirit of Truth
God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.


  1. Love that quote from Martin Luther King Jr. and how you tie it, not only to Sacred Scripture, but also to your personal story! I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for you – and still is. Your faith and perseverance are inspiring!


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