2 Major Events that Changed the Entire World

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Dove graces good deeds

2 Major Events to talk about with you today that changed the entire world:

  1. Birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Going to keep this short, because there are many things I could write about Jesus. There are so many books written about this man (God) it’s more than anybody has written about anybody else. That alone tells a lot.

We have to give credit where credit is due. Maybe you consider Him a prophet and/or a great healer. Whatever the case maybe he changed the world for the good.

There were a lot of lies that was said about him. So, they crucified Him. He never committed any crime. One week they are singing to and about Him Hosanna in the Highest. The next week the same crowd said crucify him. Crowds can be mixed bags (finnicky). People love to talk and gossip and they don’t see or say the truth they are befuddled with their own stuff. And they get confused with who said this or that. Maybe they said that … who to believe? They killed my Lord and Savior. For no good reason. But the good news is what came out it. That He died for our sins. He made the world a better place. We have everlasting life (eternal life.)

I can go on with great information. But, I am going to assume you know about Him if you do not know comment below and or read about Him here.

You can also read about my faith in Him here.

Yes this was a major event changer of the entire world.

  1. When the Americas were founded.

Christopher Columbus was a great pioneer he sacrificed a lot to come across the ocean. Now before you run off listen what I have to say.

There are many books written about this subject on Christopher Columbus and the natives. But I don’t know if it’s the truth as I said about Jesus things were not true what they accused on. They crucified Him. He was innocent man.

This is all in my humble opinion. Because I have read so much on the discovery of the Americas. What to believe?

If Columbus did not discovery the Americas someone else would have.

The bottom line is we are here. USA is grand. And all the other countries in the Americas and its people are too grand.


I’m thinking Columbus landing on Plymouth rock, Massachusetts location now. It was a beautiful time spent with him and the natives at a meal. I believe it was called the feast.

We have this beautiful feast now in peace we call Thanksgiving in the United States. On October 9, 2017 Canada is celebratedThanksgiving. What a beautiful celebration given thanks to God (Higher power, Allah, Mohammed what name you use to call God) for all good gifts you have.

Good or Evil

I believe Columbus coming here and founded the Americas was in God’s hands. I believe God’s hands was in it. We have to think of the positive around that time and this time. I think if the natives and the pilgrims of that day. If they came to us today they would tell something different than what we know/think.

We need to give honor to the people who worked and sacrificed their lives for all. I believe Christopher Columbus did that. Maybe he was not the best man in the world. But, who through the first punch?  I don’t know the natives’ names or else I would give them homage to here, also.

There has been so much joy that came from this discovery. We need to think of the joy. Finding the Americas and the events that followed. Was all started through Christopher Columbus journey. Without him knowing. [bctt tweet=”He started the biggest migration to the new world that has ever been.”

username=”@donnamarie0503″] And people keep migrating here. And, Canada, Central and South America it is so grand and is beyond comprehension.

Good has come of this

All the good that has come out of this it is unbelievable and we keep on giving. The United States gives and gives and gives.

I think people all over the world need to celebrate Columbus because he did a great thing. More than he knows or will ever would know I should say.

Some people are making it into something evil. It’s not evil. It was Good that he did. Like I said before they crucified my Lord. Very sad and haness. But how much joy came out of it just goes and goes and goes. I am not saying that evil is good it is not. No haness acts allowed.

What is good about the governments of Canada and United States of America? Is that they give to the natives. (yes it could be better at times, anything could) They have programs to give to the Native Americans. There are other people before the Natives where did they go?

What other country that took over a land (a country). And gave back to them. The country is lost and gone and the people.

Being Grateful

I am so grateful for the people who take care of this land here all the lands around the world.

I love to hear comments. Let us chat.


We need to make this a peaceful interlude and share with each other and commune together. Give credit where credit is due. Have joy about it and think positively as we can. There Is so much trouble in the world it is not worth the anger of generations ago.  I was not here at the time of Columbus I should not be penalized nor should my fellow Americans be penalized. When I say Americans. I mean all Americans around North America, Central America and South America. We should not be penalized.

I am feeling brow beaten. That would be crazy for me to go to Jerusalem and say you crucified my Lord. How dare you do that? Or something along those lines. That would be rediculous to have them pay me and all the other Christians back. I will bet if that happened in the USA the President and the people would not hear the end of it.

Whether you agree or disagree: these 2 major events changed the entire world.

Go in peace to serve one another. As they say in the church.

You are in my prayers take care.

God loves you!!!

Dove - signifies Spirit of Truth
God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.

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