Prayer Poem Litany to God

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Posting a Litany to God in honor of Saint Joseph husband to Mary and step father to Jesus. Also a prayer to God. Us catholic/christians believe he was the step father choosen by God to rear Jesus with Mary.  I have a special honor/devotion to him for all he did that and Joseph obeyed God’s will to do and perform his duties and such. Great model to have.

Remembering this is a non-denominational site. Joseph is respected in a lot of denominations and religions.

Us Catholics have devotions to saints we do not worship them we honor them as we honor and love our parents and such.  (Who do you honor? Think about that it may help you in your journey? I prayed about and it came to me in prayer and peace.)  To bless my website and the work I am doing to help others also in the process.  I feel thru his intersessions/prayers it will be great.  God willing of course 🙂  enjoy my prayer i have written or chant if you want to call it that.


LITANY TO GOD in Honor of Saith Joseph

Joseph beloved you were

chosen by God

to be the step father of Jesus

husband to the immaculate conception

pray for us

Joseph irresistible to God

Believer of God’s will

Obedient to God’s will

Saver of life

Compassionate stepfathersaintjosephandjesusimages

Trusting faithful husband

Harbor of safety

Mental anchor

Compassionate and peace filled

Believer of love

Believer of hope

Believer of purity

Believer of family

Believer of Angels

Believer of trust

Believer of peace

Peace filled warrior

Angelic presence

Believer in common people

Believer in the worker

Heart of God

COPYWRITE © 2015 Donna De Guglielmo

Honoring and understanding that others around the world honor this man. Pope Pius XII established an additional Feast of “St. Joseph the Worker”, to be celebrated on May 1, in order to coincide with the celebration of International Workers’ Day (May Day) in many countries. Got this on Wikipedia.

I posted this on my other site Now sharing with all of you. I adore comments. Share below.

God Loves you always!!

Dove - signifies Spirit of Truth
God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.

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