Quote Scripture Inspiration called Scription No 13


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Quote Scripture and Inspiration

How do you pray? Here is another Scripture quote I am sure you will love and will inspire you from Jeremiah. A reflection/inspiration of a quote from Billy Graham. Remembering watching Billy Graham as a child. A true Christ worshiper and was and is still helping the world with all he does with that service. See here.

Changing the explanation title from Scripnet to Scription. Let me know what you think in the comments below. 





Life Story

Today’s quotes are here to inspire you to talk with God anyway we can. God is here for us all the time. I remember when I was deathly sick. A friend said to me I heard it was not easy for people to pray when they are sick. So let’s offer it all up to God as a prayer. When I couldn’t think that. I believe he knows about my situation and is with me more than ever. The inspiration is that He’s communicating with us be open to Him and He will talk to you.


Open yourself to talk to Him in any way you would like in and in any manner. He listens. I was talking to a nun at one time and she said tell Him. I said I want to scream. She said, “do it scream He wants to hear it”. He wants to hear how you feel and think. What you need, He loves to hear people and to speak out and say what they are feeling and needing.

Screamed. Was upset. He wants to hear you always and tell Him your sorrows and joys. Reach out to Him and talk to him. He is there for you and me be inspired by this. Talk any time in any kind of way of either in desperation or joys.

I hope you take this with you. Inspiration that God is always with us. Jesus said; He never will leave you or forsake you.

I believe in prayer wholeheartedly. I should not even be walking the doctors shake their heads when they look at my MRI so there must be something, prayer does a lot.

We need to have faith. Read here more on faith here.


There are great scriptnets now they are called Scription post that are an inspiration to all.

Read here it is the short of my long stories which are good reads.

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You are in my prayers. God bless you and keep you safe.  Scripture taken from verses in the NIV.

God Love You!!!

Dove - signifies Spirit of Truth
God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace


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