Update Domain

Hello friend,

DonnaMariadotorg.WordPress.com this site’s domain name is going to change and updated to the original DonnaMaria.org domain is going transfer in the next few days. Nothing will be happening to the followers here so you continue to follow grateful for you all.

Update explanation

Decided to come back to word press.com and leave the hosting WordPress.org it seems to be much easier over here to set things up I don’t need all those plug-ins and everything right now it’s too much I’m not a techie person that’s not where my creativity is. It is very distracting. I want to get the book that I told you about done. I’m working on a couple books.

My life stories site is not up and working Rosary and Redsox.com.  Have free e-book to give away when signing up to this site here with an email here.

Hope to see you in my travels and come back and check it out and keep me accountable.


I need accountability. Know I’ve had the strokes and traumatic brain injury. That itself can be distracting but I can work this out I hope. Hope you’re on my side and I love to see you around and tell me about your website and I will visit your site too. Thanks, bunches. And if you’re a writer or any kind of artist we can compare notes together too.

Blessings Peace
God loves you!


Dove - signifies Spirit of Truth
God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.

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