Praise – Acrostic Poem

Hello Friend

Decided to call over a few posts from my other site and starting consolidating the two sites. Pondered/prayed this for a long time. Having one site for a while again helps me focus more.  A little bit at a time.

Let me know what you think. Love Comments.








© 2012 Donna De Guglielmo

We are called to be ambassadors of and for God. We live move and have our being in Him. What are you doing today or doing soon for Him? It does not matter the size of it. He loves us.  I even offer to brush my teeth up to Him. That may sound funny, but all things can be a prayer offered up to Him. All I do. Share below in the comments, we all want to know and help one another through our prayer time.  Thank you, Blessings Peace

God Loves You!!!

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.


    • ha ha I know… you are smart from the beginning. See I want to tell life stories, do interviews and minister to all. Making it into one site they told me. right friend or is that too much? hey ya blessings peace.

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