How could I go on with Thanksgiving without giving Gratitude to our Military?


Tribute to the Military

How could I go on with Thanksgiving Holiday weekend without giving thanks Gratitude to our Military and First Responders?

Tribute to our Military Great and Fearless Heros.

Let us salute our fearless Men and Women and those they love and are left behind. Tears flowing with prayers for them all the time. What courage they all have.



Every day all the time a great tribute to them and theirs. Love the military and here is a tribute to all concerned.





I pray that all wars big or small will end. Also, for first responders.





P rospect

E nter

A lways with

C ourage as our military do the best they can

E specially have peace with in.


I know it must be a hard thing to go through. My heart is out there to you. I hope this post gives you some peace and respect you deserve.

I thank all the people that go out to battle for our nation USA. I am sure all other countries love their military and first responders, too.

Keep the Faith all my dear friends.

God Bless


God loves you!!!


God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.


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