On Sobriety and he uses comedy in his Sobriety

Hello Friend


A different twist here. I love comedy. Do you? I did watch Home Improvement. I thought Tim Allen and the fam there on the show did a spectacular job.

I did not know his story. Till now (some of it). He was at an early age when his father was killed by a drunk driver. Then ironically thing happened,  he became a drunk driver. 12 step program to the rescue. He made it though. I wonder if he ever wrote a memoir. It would help a lot of people.

Now hear his story. It is a short interview. Full of laughs.

He always is working out that curious relationship with God. Who he calls God “the Builder”.

Take a look:




Funny? Yes, No ?

Comments, please

Blessings Peace

God love you!!!

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.




    • Yes, it is a very interesting interview. Glad you like the post. See when I started out on blogging. LIfe stories was my main topic. I am going to blend that in. ON this site and thread it through. I think it will work. And I will do some interviews too Not anyone as famous as Tim Allen, but just as good. Someday I will. but love the photography.

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      • Life stories and interviews are always interesting to me, so I’d love to read your future posts with them. I know some bloggers do a lot of them. I’ve done one, a long time ago, with an artist I know. There’s one more I’d like to do with another artist, but haven’t asked yet. Maybe after the new year sometime. I’m always a bit shy about asking, but the worst is that they say no. Right? 🙂 Anyway, best wishes going forward with your blogging plans!


      • Sorry for late reply. I do not know what happened in admin. Ok now on to you my friend Thanks for the support. Yes is will do more. and for the interview. As you said the worst they say no. then you know to move on. I did a poets interview on another site. Moving over that site bit by bit. Maybe I will start with that.
        Maybe we can coach each other. What do you think?

        see you soon here on the web have jolly good day.
        pick a character and personality you lik3.
        I sat down and brainstormed out some questions let them anwerer an dyou edit and you will see from there


  1. An interesting post – thank you! 🙂

    I’d love the chance to talk Quantum Physics with him… maybe ‘Carpool Karaoke’ style as we ride in one of his fabulous cars??

    He’s had far more success than most of us will ever achieve and yet it is clear he is a simple and flawed human being with vices and addictions like pretty much all of us, and he seems to want a personal relationship with The Creator. For that he has my appreciation. 🙂

    He loves laughter and comedy but for those who have seen his shows and movies they are not seeing his comedy but that of the screenwriter/scriptwriter(s) – it is important to note the distinction. I imagine in person he would be a comedian/joker but that it would be of a different nature to Tim the Toolman. I have not seen him in a live stand-up act.

    His Blessings to you, Donna Marie.


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