Payment due- pray for peace

Pray for peace- payment is due
Great poem to explain what it is in the video the music by Dylan


Payment due

The guns are a blazing, war is alive and well. War contractors made 500 billion and wanting more. I pray God is a-watching.

Ancient cities are burning down, people are dying and the rich nations selling guns and bombs to struggling countries.

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Please dear God. I hope the Christians killed in the mountains of Iraq, murdered and forgotten. I pray they found a safe place with you.

Please lord of life and death, they are blowing-up schools in Syria, small boy brought to Europe shoreline by the sea. Drowned, dead and gone. No room for the immigrants.

See the source image

Yemen being bombs with USA bombs. USA weapons killing children, women and men with no conscious. No-one care?

USA want war on immigrants. Most of us or family member, in the USA were immigrants once.

Wild man in the White house. He want locked borders, more soldiers and more guns.


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