8 Organic Lifestyles I do

Dear Friend,

This is a quest I have been on for years to live as organically as I can. Sharing my 8 organic lifestyles was a necessity for me to do explained briefly. After you get to know it is simple as everyday life.  This started a long time ago when I was in in my careers of architecture and interior design. Felt the environment with all its problems and we keep on taken from it and we need to give back to it.

In the beginning:

This was not easy but as any lifestyle you grow into it. It may take a little work but it is worth it in the long term. You will feel and see the benefits.

Realizing after all these years the symptoms that I have is from Lyme Disease. A few of the symptoms were sensitivities and allergies to the environment and food. I got Multi chemically sensitive (MCS) .

Added to my occupation inability to do the job as I wanted and needed because of my sensitivities. It affected my thinking and such. Cognition deficits, yes. But, not as serious as the strokes I know the difference before and after the strokes. Big differences.

Mind Set

So, I became organically in mindset lifestyle from the architectural standpoint, and grew more knowledgeble from my sensitivities.  A holistic mindset to heal my body and environment organically. This ranged from stop wearing fragrance chemicals on my body. Also, foods because I have an infection in my gut called (SIBO) small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. But, before the infection came around I was eating as organically as possible.
It came down to myself  living in organic clothing. Which is lovely. This is just a short introduction of what is going on.


1. Staying away from chemical laden products.  Fragrant products, sprays, creams, hair, nail stuff Great article here for 10 steps to avoid toxic chemicals.
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2. Car freshers have neurotoxins in them.  Nasty headaches, migraines ( which gives me stroke-like symptoms), cognitive problems among other things they cause. Article here that tells you how nasty they are.
3. Buying foods as best I can that are from organic farmers. I have here a link to a great article a doctor wrote about 4 reasons to eat organically here. This is of the dirty dozen foods (that have more chemically laden pesitcides on them. This is the clean 15 that do not have as much are safer to eat conventionally put out by the EWG Eviromental Working Group.
4. Air purifiers- clean and purify the air so I can breathe better. Feel good all around.
5. Water purifiers – cleans purifies so the body is taken in the best nutrients it has in the water.
6. Clothing I love the feel of organic cotton on my skin. Organic cotton is the best. I love some that I  havelinked here.  Pact clothing I love them. They are so comfy.
7. hygiene for skin, hair, teeth,
8. Supplements. For me, I only take when prescribed by a medical advisor. You need to decide for youself.
Wanted to at least start this list and post out there so it shines and educates. Even my candles are organically made of beeswax.

Action challenge:

Excited to share this and hope you to hear from you in the comments section below. What do you do have in your lifestyle you feel good in? I encourage you to try one thing at time. See if it works. Then go on to another. Sometimes trying a few things out at once I am not sure what is working and not.

This all plays into my creativity.  So, onward and upward from here. Keeping the faith to stay focused on what is right for living with purpose and giving.

Blessings you all. You are all in my prayers.
God loves you!

God is paradise. We are here to soar in His grace and mercy.

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