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Glad to have you here.

My world view is: Every person can value life.

I am Donna Maria, trying to live my life holistically the best way I can for a long time. My faith is Catholic/Christian. This site is a non-denominational site. Love sustains us.

I started careers in Interior and Architectural Design years ago. Also, received two degrees in those fields. Worked for several companies including my own.


My Best teachers:

I have had in my life experiences are:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
  • Strokes (many and Not counting)
  • Aphasia
  • Food allergies/sensitivities
  • Traumatic Brain Injury with sensory overload

I want to help people overcome adversity (ies)

Background Interior Design, Architecture and Massage. Got more into Professional massage therapy and still worked part-time in design.

Then, I got sick had strokes… how many I do not know and not counting. Yes, you read that right. I talked more about this on my Rosary and Redsox site. I got the gift of aphasia (language disorder from brain attacks) and started writing poetry. My blog is about living with new abilities. I am a writer and want to share the holistic way I’m living and to share here and is mostly based on faith. I always pray before I begin each day and offer all up to God (will be talking about that too).

What you will receive from this site:

We all have creative juices flowing:

Let’s make art and share it with the world. I will help you to evolve with art and design focusing on faith. For all it is onward and upward God is with us. Love sustains us. The world wants and needs your art/story. Join us here for all these goodies that you will get. Here’s a list will add later.

There will be:

  • posts updates
  • e-books
  • inspirational reflection
  • photography

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We are champions our challenges make us champions. It is onward and upward from here.

Love and faith-based site smooth in together with my worldview; writings and the products that are shown here.

As you know this site is love and faith-based. It is a work in progress (WIP) We will talk about our faith. Well, actually it is love that sustains us. God is love, Love is God. God does not have a religion. But, us humans need structure in our lives. It is fair to say that we need that. We have our own beliefs. Also, need a tribe. To feel like we belong to something.  Join in with the other wisdom traditions of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam….  I am of the Roman Catholic Christian faith. So, I will mostly be talking from that point of view. Since I belong to that and I know that well. Sharing as I said above we are all Gods creation. We have one God. We live move and have our being in Him. the wisdom of faith traditions all blends together.Whatever faith you are you will learn here how to nurture the love that sustains us. We are all in it together.

In numbers, we will rise and be strong with one another.

God loves you!!!


I feel that we need faith to survive in this world. Love sustains us.  God is Love 1 John 48. Would you all chip in and educate about your religion. We will grow together.

Donna Maria Here.