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Poetry Interview

We will have here for you a great benefit and experience; different types of people are interviewed; writers, poets, authors, medical advisors and more.

First, I will share the one I did with Poet Deborah Ann Belka

Part One: My interview today is with Poet Deborah Ann Belka who creates Christian Poetry for all to enjoy. Sharing an in-depth knowledge of the artist/blogger.

What inspired you to start writing poetry?

I started writing poetry in my twenties for a few years. I had a journal with about 30 poems (all Christian) I had written. But, then life got too busy and I didn’t write any for about 30 + years. It wasn’t until about 7 years ago that I started back up. I was going through a 3-year writing course as I wanted to write a book. But, became discouraged when the course was over as I have a learning disability and my spelling and grammar are awful. A couple of the courses were about writing poetry. I found poetry and learning disabilities to be a perfect fit. So, I decided to go in that direction.

You write very distinctive poetry. Of course, Christian and your faith which I love. You have a rhythm to it. Did you learn that rhythm or did you come up with the on your own?

I did a study on writing poetry. I read all about the meter, rhyme, and rhythm. I read about the different forms of poetry (and there are many) and chose to use the rhyming method as the others were too difficult for me to grasp. I have my poems on another website and they are critiqued by other members. I often get comments that my poems don’t meet the standards. I also get comments on the blog where people have questioned my form of poetry. So, I guess you can say I try my best to have the meter and rhythm in sync with each other but if it doesn’t I post them anyway. I care more about the content of the poem than in the formalities of writing a poem.

Christian poetry, of course, is your love of the Lord Jesus Christ source and center of your ministry, yes?

Yes, God was the one who really leads me to write poetry. I love King David and the Psalms and that is where I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to write poetry. I so can relate to using poetry to express my love for Jesus, my fears and doubts, my grief and pain, my joy and elation, my happiness and sadness, my faith and trust and the hope that I have found through it all.

In a few short lines, I can say all I need to. God, has really used my writing poetry to bring me to an even closer relationship with Him and when I read some of the again I remember just how the Holy Spirit was leading me at that point and time in my life.

I don’t see me stopping until the time God says to stop. Sometimes, I think about it, if fact I just wrote a poem called “Throwing in the Towel” which will post next month but, then the Holy Spirit always has something new for me to learn or something I may already know but wants me to go deeper in, so I just keep on keeping on.

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Her site is  please check it out you will be pleased and enjoy.


God loves you!!!